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One of My Favorite Local Websites, CT Bites….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

For those of you coming out of the city and wondering what will you do without NYC restaurants, fear no more.  The website www.CTBites comes to your rescue. If you think your move to the 'burbs means you'll be giving up trendy and delicious foods you couldn't be more wrong. This website gives a great overview of all the gastronomic wonders of Fairfield County. New restaurants, farmers markets, openings (and closings), festivals,food events, wine info  and all things  food and drink in CT! Highly...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate in the Dog Days of Summer,Well Sort Of….

Its mid summer and the listings are down to a trickle.Just one or two a day. There are few accepted offers to speak of but an interesting phenomenon has occurred. When a new listing does come on the market,and it is a good value, there are multiple offers. Ive been involved in three of these so far and its very interesting.The only conclusion I can draw is that there is still demand to move into town and a lack of inventory...Continue Reading!

State of the Market Darien,CT Real Estate, July 2012

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

The summer has set in and new listings are few.  This is no surprise since most of the town has gone AWOL until after Labor Day. If you are looking for a home, unless it is in the upper price ranges of $2.5million or above, the choices are slim. Anything new that comes on the market- if it's a value, sells immediately.Rentals are basically all gone again except in the upper price reaches. However, I will be listing a rental on a...Continue Reading!

Low Inventory in Darien Spurs Bidding Activity…Darien Real Estate

Much of what I write about is based on statistics on real estate sales and rentals here in Darien. My experience in the past couple of weeks however, points to an interesting phenomenon that often takes place during this time of the year. In the past two weeks, I've been part of multiple bid situations on two separate homes. At this time of year,inventory, although healthy consists of lots of homes that for one reason or the other have not sold...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate,Year to Date June 2012

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Here are the numbers for the six months ending June 2012 in Darien real estate. They are better than I anticipated in spite of the summer doldrums in home sales. New listings are down to a trickle and rentals continue to go quickly. If we have a robust fall, this could turn out to be a good year after all. Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate and A “Zombie” Economy….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

While watching CNN today the American economy was characterized as being "Zombie" like. I didn't have to stick around to hear the explanation of that term . Being in  Fairfield County real estate,I instinctively knew. In my last post, I suggested that the summer doldrums has come early to Darien real estate. I think now that this is not a seasonal blip but the Zombie economy. We indeed put one foot in front of the other but there is no life behind...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate Market Report, June 15,2012

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Here is this weeks  Darien real estate market report. It reflects, as I have mentioned in previous posts that the market has slowed to a crawl. Every day there are several closings that are reflective of the springs relatively active market. Now however, the number of new listings has dried up and the parade of price reductions has commenced. If you're still in the market,act now while there is still inventory and be settled in time for the September school year....Continue Reading!

Where Has All the Real Estate Gone? Darien Real Estate

This is strictly anecdotal but I sense the real estate market here in Darien and locally to be slowing down. New listings in the past week have slowed as have the number of accepted offers. If you're in the market,the summer doldrums may be coming early this year and there may be deals to be had. Again,this is my sense of things as a Realtor "on the ground" and only time will tell. Stay tuned.Continue Reading!

Rentals Scarce in Darien,CT,Darien Real Estate

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Just a boots on the ground observation. If you are looking to be settled in Darien for the upcoming school year and are not  quite ready to buy,begin your rental search NOW. For wahtever reason the purchasing market has slowed and rentals are flying, especially in the $4-6,000/month range. They last only a day or so on the market and people are taking them, sight unseen.I  don't know what this portends for the future.Just a word to the wise. Call me...Continue Reading!

Dariens’ Weed Beach Features Outdoor Exercise Equipment…

I've never heard of this in my life but I must admit it is a brilliant idea...outdoor excercise equipment.Sure we've all been to yoga or boot camp on a beach but this brings it to a whole new level. Another great reason to consider buying a home in Darien,CT.. Reading!