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Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Fairfield Waterfront,Buyer Be Prepared….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

This article published in the New York Times about the waterfront in Fairfield and Fairfield Beach could also be about the shoreline in Darien. If you're interested in it should should most certainly be aware of the new FEMA requirements and the impact on homeowners insurance. An interesting read. Reading!

Norwalk, CT Best Kept Secret…The Homes at Highmeadow…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Tucked away just off the Post Road on the Darien/Norwalk border is a small enclave eight homes known as Highmeadow.These homes,built in 2001 have never traded on the open real estate market but instead have been lovingly transferred from owner to owner privately. Such is the demand for these homes. They are a cross between a single family home and condominium. Residents own the property the house sits on but not the common areas which are maintained by the homeowners...Continue Reading!

Thinking of Buying a Home in CT….Think Twice About Using Zillow…..

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Here's a brief but accurate assessment of the assessments on Zillow known as Zestimates. The public has embraced them as a "go to "site for buyers and sellers alike but as we cant believe everything on the Internet. Anyway, here's what Ive known all along.....Zillow is just plain wrong.....a lot!   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate, Ten New Listings in Two Days….Told Ya….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

As predicted, this week,  heralds the beginning of the fall market in Darien real estate. So far there have been ten new listings, which included, a smattering of everything from rentals to $6million compounds in North Darien. Many of the listings are also in our sister town of Rowayton. Nice selection in all price points. Come and get 'em...while they last....Continue Reading!

The Fall Darien Real Estate Market….Let us Pray…. for Inventory

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Tomorrow is the big day. The official beginning of the fall real estate market here in Darien and throughout Fairfield County, We are all praying for lots of nice,entry level homes to fill the screaming need in this price range. The next two weeks or so will be interesting.Sellers in that price range....700-1.5million.... price it right and they will come.... hopefully allowing you to trade up and bump the higher price points. Homes have been selling all summer but at the rate of one...Continue Reading!

Last Two Weeks Before September….All Quiet on the Darien Real Estate Front…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

You can stay in the hammock for a few more weeks. The real estate market here basically in summer mode with the exception of one or two sales a week. Inventory remains low in the entry level price point and there has been some movement in the $2-3 million dollar range in the past few weeks both in Darien and Rowayton. Some homes are even selling within a week. There are precious few of these however so if you're in...Continue Reading!

The Gold Coast Standard Sees Reader Spike Along with Warmer Temperatures…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

My Google Analytics is showing me that readership of this blog has really taken off since the temperatures have spiked through the 90's to nearly 100 degrees in the New York metropolitan area. Most of you that are finding me are living in or around New York City where I'm sure the sidewalks are literally sizzling. This isn't a complete surprise since most of Darien's new homeowners come from the Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. If indeed you are curious about the town and...Continue Reading!

Abnormal is the New Normal…Darien Real Estate,July 2013

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Im through trying to predict what will go on in this market. The numbers are down across the board and  I thought surely the summer doldrums would settle in along with the excessive heat to dampen the market further. Never mind that the Norwalk and Westport and Wilton markets are on fire (not literally of course), we in Darien seemed to be plodding along nicely,especially given the last few years. All of a sudden this week there are nine new listings including one...Continue Reading!

The Little Recovery That Couldn’t, Darien Real Estate….

If you had asked me last April, if things had turned the corner in Darien real estate, I would have answered with a resounding yes!. In fact, I believe I  wrote just that on this blog. Three months later, the picture is different and quite mixed.  Pending sales are down from last year over 6% and the number of homes sold is down 10%. That said, this time, the reasons for the drop are different than in previous years. Before, we had...Continue Reading!

Yours Truly Gets A Nod from the Wall Street Journal, Darien Real Estate…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

This weekends article in The Wall Street Journal article about life and real estate  in Darien, CT features a brief, but riveting comment from "moi". Take a look. Reading!