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Darien Real Estate, Whole Foods Controversy,Signs of the Times

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I like to read  the Darien papers each week and am regularly amused by an article or silly item in the Police Blotter  One week,  garden gnomes were stolen from a lawn and then there are the burglaries of purses stolen from the front seat of unlocked cars. (Really?) This weeks item concerns the new Whole Foods market which is coming to Darien this May. It sits on the corner of Ledge Road and the Boston Post Road and has been...Continue Reading!

CNN Money….Top Earning Towns,Darien Ct

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Below is a link to a 2010, CNN Money Report showing New Canaan,Darien and Westport as the Top Earnings towns is their Best Places to Live report. Reading!

Darien Weekly Market Report,February18,2010

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

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What do Condo Fees Cover? Darien Condos for Sale

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I plan on writing  individual posts on each of the condo complexes here in Darien. In the meantime, I thought Id offer some information on what is typically covered under monthly condo fees. Although many of these items are not applicable to Darien properties, it is helpful to have a full overview should you be looking to buy elsewhere. So what are the typical things that condo fees cover in Darien or nearby towns? The first thing is what is called Master...Continue Reading!

Darien Homes for Sale,Market Report,February 11,2010

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

As has been the case over the past year, the entry level of the market is the most popular. The difference this year however is that the upper end of the market is moving as well. Guess those buyers that were circling like planes over LaGuardia have gotten permission to land. Welcome. Continue Reading!

What’s in a name…..Darien,CT,

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Even those  actively looking for a Darien home have asked me, "What is the correct way to say the name of the town?" Dictionaries list the pronunciation as "DAIRy-yen" but most of Dariens' 19,000 residents  pronounce their town name as "dairy-ANN, like Maryann. Similar confusion surrounds the pronunciation of the neighborhoods of Tokeneke and Noroton. For the record, it's "TOW-keh-neek" and "Nor-O-ton". There- now you're a local.Continue Reading!

Darien Neighborhoods:Tokeneke

South of Interstate 95,the area known as Tokeneke is an exclusive enclave within the town of Darien.The homes are prized for their privacy and access to the inlets and bays around Long Island Sound.Most of the oldest homes were built as part of the original Tokeneke Park development, which took its name from a Native American sachem who is said to have led a tribe that hunted and fished in the area. An Indian's silhouette is used to mark the...Continue Reading!

Neighborhoods: Noroton and Noroton Heights, Darien Real Estate

This article was written several years ago and published in The New York Times Real Estate section . With minor adjustments to number of pupils enrolled in the schools and the median price of a home,this is a very accurate picture of the area. It was also where I lived when I first came to town! If You're Thinking of Living In/Noroton and Noroton Heights; A Haven for Both Sailors and Commuters By LISA PREVOST Published: December 14, 2003 The Noroton section of Darien...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate Market Report,February 4,2010

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

As you can see, there is a great divergence in the price points of the properties which are selling.Last year at this time,the entry point of the market ($600K-$1.5million) was the strongest.This year however, the upper end ($3milion and up) is showing strong activity.It is worth noting that while 2009 was a poor year for Wall Street bonuses, that is not the case,like it or not, in 2010. (more…)Continue Reading!

Darien Homes for Sale-How High is Up?

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

While checking MLS today,I noticed that three-yes three homes in the $3million range had gone to "deposit" status. While it's too early to call it a trend, it is indeed a promising sign of life .And on the heels of a better than average December, I'm starting to look forward to spring.Continue Reading!