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Darien Real Estate,Mid Year Report 2011

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I've been out of town which is why this report is running late. The market continues as I have described in previous posts.After a miserably long winter we had a couple of encouraging months in March and April with volumes, and average prices looking up. Then like someone pulled a plug we lost momentum quickly, I believe due to bad news in the national housing market,possible layoffs on Wall Street and a general lack of confidence in the economy. Even with...Continue Reading!

Nothing to do with Darien Real Estate

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

The blogging cognescenti says that a good blog,no matter what its aim always should contain an occasional post about the authors personal life. Its supposed to make us more human and not some Realtor just spitting out data about the Darien real estate market. So okay, Ill bite. I spent the last nine days or so,give or take one or two in various airports, on a great trip to Central Europe.Vienna,Budapest, and Prague to be exact.My husband and I went along...Continue Reading!

Darien Times Real Estate Article Misleads…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

in some ways.Last weeks article in the Darien Times was a bit of a hodge podge of ideas.I believe the article tried to cover too much ground and in the end offered misleading facts and figures. The article begins with saying that the real estate market here in Darien is volatile with prices fluctuating over the past couple of years. That is true.However, the article then goes on to cite the median price of a home sold here. The median price...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate Market Report Week of June 15

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Just posting the weekly numbers again for those of you following these things.Several new listings across all price points.Lots of price reductions as well.Number of accepted offers continues to be low with buyers seemingly going toward renting.   Continue Reading!

What’s So Great About Living in Darien,CT

Well lots of stuff. Once again this summer,Baywater Properties and Grove Street Investments is sponsoring Darien Summer Nights featuring free,live music in the Grove Street Plaza right here in Darien. Various bands and singer/songwriters will perform evert Friday from 6-9PM. There's a real mix of sounds,something for everyone. Check out the link for specific performers......And that's one of the things that's so great about living in Darien! Reading!

Darien,CT Rental Market Heats Up For The Summer

Where have all the buyers gone? To rentals is seems. At this time of the year when families wish to secure a place in the lauded Darien school system, rentals do take a bounce. This year was no exception except that the rush to rent seems sooner and faster than years past. The bad news from Wall Street about potential layoffs,and  bad national economic news seems to have sent potential buyers headed toward leasing. I had a rental listing that...Continue Reading!

Hyper Local Blogging, Darien CT

I'm told the thing these days is to blog hyper locally.So instead of just writing about Real Estate or even Darien,CT real estate,I'm supposed to write more about local events and news in town. OK Ill bite.If you're looking for a taste of Darien and what its like to live here heres a sample of this weeks news. A local teen was arrested for burglary after being spotted wearing the stolen wrist watch at the Darien High School prom.(Dopey kid) It seems...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate,May YTD 2011

I could regale you with stats again this month but basically the market here is down about 10% in sales from last year.More importantly though is the way the market feels to me right now....frankly kind of schizophrenic. Normally, (and who knows what that is anymore) we would be winding down theDarein real estate spring season and coasting into summer with sales coming from those families wishing to be in a new home in time for the 2011/12 school year. Instead, last week...Continue Reading!

So How’s the Market?Darien CT Homes for Sale…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

So I don't really feel like doing the whole statistical thing this week. For the most part things remain the same as they have been since the start of the Darien real estate season.If you haven't been reading this blog regularly, the spring market started late, houses are selling largely in the lower price points for Darien which is $700-$1,5million and only those who are priced according to the market are moving...some in as little as a weekend.It's no feeding...Continue Reading!

Darien Weekly Report ,June 1, New Listings and Closings

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