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Darien, Ct Real Estate Market Report ,Feb1,New Listings and Sales..

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

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Darien Restaurant Week,Good News In More Ways Than One…..

When I moved here 25 years ago had a very anemic looking, downtown.Few shops,no movie theatre and practically no restaurants. Lots of empty and negelected buildings,a couple of pharmacies and a bunch of delis. What a difference today. For those moving here from New York City,Darien now has a vibrant night life owing largely to a bunch of new restaurants that have opened in town.We have so many now that Darien has its own Restaurant Week coming up starting February 6. In 1985...Continue Reading!

How Do Real Estate Websites Differ? Darien CT Real Estate.

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that she visits many realtor websites thinking that different real estate agencies will show different properties. I told her that  all Darien brokerages participate in a local MLS and that it populates all websites, but she didn't really get it. Here's the deal. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and that is exactly what is is. The Multiple Listing Service was originally formed as a tool for Realtors to communicate with each other regarding properties for sale...Continue Reading!

New Feature,Darien Real Estate Market Tracker

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Starting in 2012,Ill be publishing at least monthly, the Darien,Ct Market Tracker which will allow readers to keep on top of the broader trends affecting Darien, Ct real estate. This is in addition to articles about local flavor, individual properties and general real estate stories and information. Hope its helpful.  Continue Reading!

The Gold Coast Standard and 2012,There Is Much to Learn, Grasshoppers…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Well one way or another you have found your way to this blog.As advertised I try to write about news and views of living here in Darien,CT. Yes,I am a Realtor and yes I do want your business. But I could go about prospecting for business by advertising on say Facebook,Trulia,Zillow etc which, from time to time, I do indeed tinker with. But what I hope to really accomplish here is to fill in a much needed gap between information and...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate Market Report, January 2012

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Happy New Year everyone. Below is the first  Darien home market report for the new year of 2012.As always the report shows,new listings (appearing very slowly),deposits and closings. There have been no accepted offers that I know of in the past couple of weeks. We are off to a slow start but in real estate we see more listings and sales as the weeks go on. If you're thinking of selling, I really don't see any reason to wait until...Continue Reading!

Darien Homes Market Outlook for 2012

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Year end numbers have not been released for Darien, Ct and environs, but that won't stop me from making some general predictions about the real estate market in 2012. None of this is earth shattering but Fairfield County typically acts as its own market within the state of Connecticut and trends here are worth observing since they diverge somewhat from other areas. Everyone constantly asks, "How's the market?" There is no one answer. Homes are selling, although not at previous levels,and will...Continue Reading!

Cesco’s Trattoria Comes to Darien,Now You Really Have to Move Here…..

We had our William Pitt Sothbey's International Realty Christmas party in this new restaurant located in downtown Darien and I was blown away. Darien had seen a big uptick in the number of new reswtaurants in the past few years but this may be the best. The restaurant itself is in The Goodwives Shopping Center (yes that's really the name), right in the middle of town. The owners,Also and Barbara set up the most yummy buffet. All the dishes were totally...Continue Reading!

Just for Fun Monday,Worst MLS Photos

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate


Rentals in Darien Ct, A Mixed Bag

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

There are lots of reasons people choose to rent in Darien. They can be renovating a home elsewhere,  haven't found the home of their dreams in town or are test driving the area, so to speak. Then there are those that have bought a new home and found they were unable to sell their previous home and so list it for rent. Whatever the reason, there are currently around 30 properties for rent in Darien Ct in the price range of around...Continue Reading!