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Just for Fun Friday…..Darien Real Estate

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Well here you are looking for info on Darien real estate. Instead, I'm posting a "just for fun" entry. This is a real sign I saw at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Now I kn0w someone out there is going to contact me and tell me why snow globes are a threat to national security but for the life of me I can't understand how it could be a problem that would merit signage in a New York metro airport.Just sayin.....  ...Continue Reading!

How Far Down Will Darien,CT Real Estate Dip?

I've just returned from visiting friends in Las Vegas where it seems that the local real estate market is down on its heels. There is some new construction in the area but lots of land that was originally cleared for building seems to be laying fallow. It got me thinking about various markets and why some seem to have the bottom drop out and others remain viable. The answer for me is what I call, "intrinsic value". Now we all know that real...Continue Reading!

Foreclosures in Darien,CT…Not So Much

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I was speaking with a client yesterday about the stste of the market and whether there are any signigificant foreclosure properties. The short answer is a curt ,"No." Oh sure you may say,of course DARIEN cant have a foreclosure issue but even a cursory web search on www. shows that this town as well as a couple of surrounding communities have eluded the foreclosure crisis. When you think about it, it makes sense.  Many people here in town bought at the...Continue Reading!

Rowayton Ct, Sister Town to Darien….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I'm always writing about real estate in Darien,CT but thought I'd offer up an amazing alternative to our great little town,namely Rowayton,CT. Long considered a sister town to Darien,Rowayton is actually part of the town of Norwalk. Located on Long Island Sound,Rowayton has traditionally been a real estate choice among young and old alike who may be moving to or from Darien. Less than two miles from the center of Darien, it feels more like Cape Cod, or Cape May,New...Continue Reading!

The Darien,CT Blog Post I Never Wanted to Write….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

I cannot tell a lie.We have a problem in Darien,CT.As my readers know,I've lived here in Darien for over 25 years and it is one of the safest communities I know of. You can send your children to sleepovers without worrying for them,walk the streets at all hours and until recently leave your home for a few minutes or go on a vacation without worrying. However,recently there has been a rash of burglaries that have left residents unnerved. Now,in the spirit...Continue Reading!

Pre-Sale Inspections A Smart Move for Sellers….Darien Real Estate

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

In the State of Connecticut,homes sales follow a specific procedure.First a bid is made and hopefully accepted. Then, quick as a bunny, the Realtor assists the buyer in scheduling a home inspection. Then, WE PRAY. The results of home inspections here in Darien and elsewhere are responsible for many of the glitches in a home sale. Invariably,inspections will turn up a myriad of problems with dated wiring, furnaces,roofs,plumbing etc. Mostly the problems are minor but they can throw the transaction into slow motion...Continue Reading!

Just for Fun Friday….Worst MLS Photo Award

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Sometimes while searching through the MLS, I come across photos that I just cant believe! This is certainly one of them. Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate, September 2011 Monthly Report

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

The fall is off to a slow start. Very few listings of value have come onto the market and the sales are precious few. We're holding our own versus last year but thats the best you can say,Im afriad. Sellers should begin to lower asking prices as the days grow shorter and the holiday seasons approach. For any questions on a specific property call me on 203-554-0951.   Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate Report, Week of Sept.14

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

For those of you who are familiar with town and know the ins and outs,here is this weeks activity report.As you can see its precious little. Only 7 new listings and several are homes that have been relisted from a previous time.Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate,Blooper Friday…

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

A few weeks ago,I had an English language, challenged buyer ask me if her deposit would be placed in "escarole ."  I said, "Sure, I'm sure the change will be fine, but the bills will probably get a little soggy!" Continue Reading!