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Inventory in Darien and New Canaan,Ct Real Estate is High….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

For a myriad of reasons, there appears to be a glut of inventory in the towns of New Canaan and Darien CT. This is affecting all price points from entry level around $750,000 to direct waterfront in the multi million dollar category. There seems to be no particular reason for the flood of homes on the market and while sales are at a steady pace from last year, there is a ton to choose from if you are a buyer. Sellers are...Continue Reading!

The Darien ,CT Real Estate Market is Up! What Does That Really Mean?

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

" I hear the market is up". This is a refrain I hear almost every day from other agents,managers and media. There are many ways to measure a market.The stock market for example can be looked at as a function of the S&P, various business sectors or as individual company stocks. The same is true in real estate markets. From time to time, I publish local Darien,New Canaan,Norwalk and Rowayton real estate statistics. They all point to various measures of the local...Continue Reading!

The Very Best Way to Choose a Realtor….Darien Real Estate

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Looking to make a move to the  Fairfield County area but don't know who to trust? There are tons of Realtors out there with varying degrees of experience and expertise.  You want someone who has seen and navigated through a lot of different markets and transactions. As any real estate agent will tell you, EVERY transaction is different and it takes years to accumulate great knowledge and experience. There is market knowledge, transaction knowledge, customer care, mortgage knowledge, local connections and so much...Continue Reading!

How’s The Market?…The Boots on the Ground Report, June 2015….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Every Realtor in the world loves to publish the weekly,monthly, even daily real estate report here in Darien and well everywhere. The problem with that is that numbers can only tell a one dimensional view of a situation. If you look at the  Darien statistics, we show a "flat to  slightly up "market, average price is up a bit, sales are comparable with last years....the patient is healthy but not robust. The "Boots on the Ground Report" reflects a similar situation...Continue Reading!

Coming Tomorrow to the Darien MLS……Under $1 Million

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

It's not everyday that you can find  a home in Darien Ct that is absolutely pristine, and walking distance to train and shopping for under $1million. In fact,it happens almost never....except for TOMORROW, May 4,2015. I will be listing a beautiful 1940 square foot, 3 bedroom colonial on an "in demand "street in Darien for $945,000. On .23 acres this home has been freshly painted and carpeted. It has a large Master suite with remodeled master bathroom and large walk in closet. There...Continue Reading!

Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Make What You Think They Do…….

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

As the famous Princess  Diana once said...."There are three of us in this marriage." That in a nutshell is the reason buyer and seller agents gross the amount of money that they do. But all is not what it seems. On the surface of it, in Connecticut a listing agent is entitled to 5% of the sales price of a home...or are they? Lets say your home is on the market for $1million. A 5% commission on the sale of that home is...Continue Reading!

Why Prayer Will Never Sell Your Home. Darien, CT Real Estate.

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

So the real estate market in your town is in full swing but your home seems to be langusihing. What's going wrong? It could be a bunch of things.It could be that the right buyer just hasn't come along. Perhaps your garden gnome collection is a turn off or that those avocado colored countertops are not everyone's cup of tea. OR it just could be one of the top three reasons that homes don't sell.Pricing, pricing and pricing. The real estate market in Darien...Continue Reading!

State of the Market,2014 Wrap Up, Darien, CT Homes

How’s the market? That's the evergreen question posed  to me at the gym,supermarket and every cocktail party in town. At any given moment the state of real estate in Darien can be up, down or even sideways.It all depends on price point, seasonality and supply of listings and buyers. What we Do know is whats happened in the recent past, so let’s take a look backward at how Darien real estate fared in 2014. In a word, I’d say FINE. The statistics for 2014 demonstrate that...Continue Reading!

Darien Real Estate,So Hot Yet So Cool, June 2014

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

How do I describe the doings in Darien Ct real estate this year so far? Well first, the season ,as we all know was severely delayed to to severely lousy weather,and a late spring that still is grudging. Repairs needed from ice dams, slowly melting snow and dazed homeowners kept things in a deep freeze well into April, 2014. Then came the thaw, or should I say partial thaw. Homes were listed and anything with a working front door and a price tag...Continue Reading!

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…Darien and New Canaan Real Estate News

The Gold Coast Standard and Darien Real Estate

Here is an unbiased report from Darien/New Canaan Magazine about the new normal in this areas real estate market.... Reading!