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Fall Bargain Hunting Darien,Ct.Real Estate

Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and we are now entering the short but sweet Darien Fall Real Estate Market. Generally weaker than the spring in the number of listings, it hits like a summer storm,it passes very quickly. It only lasts around eight weeks.That said, you are more likely to find a bargain in the fall than spring because homeowners are facing  upkeep on their homes through the long winter.  That can mean, heating,plowing and extra DSC01658mortgage payments if they’ve left the house already or rented for the summer.

Just today for example, there were 10 price reductions!

So if you somehow missed last springs offerings, take heart. There is still time. I often hear about listings BEFORE they hit the MLS and that’s a good way to get a jump on things and be the first to see the home of your dreams.

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