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How’s The Market?…The Boots on the Ground Report, June 2015….

Every Realtor in the world loves to publish the weekly,monthly, even daily real estate report here in Darien and well everywhere. The problem with that is that numbers can only tell a one dimensional view of a situation. If you look at the  Darien statistics, we show a “flat to  slightly up “market, average price is up a bit, sales are comparable with last years….the patient is healthy but not robust.

Love this kitchen? Call me to see it at 4 Point O 'Woods in Darien.

Love this kitchen? Call me to see it at 4 Point O ‘Woods in Darien.

The “Boots on the Ground Report” reflects a similar situation but told a little differently…….

If You’re A Buyer….

Inventory is slim in the opening price point say $800,000-$1.400,000. That said, there doesn’t seem to be the same feeding frenzy as last year, so you can bide your time …a little.

If you’re in the $2-3million range, there is plenty to choose from…so much so that I expect to see prices come down as we enter the summer months.

Anything above, $3 million, the world is your oyster…unless you get a stubborn seller of course…in which case move on to the next best thing.

Make sure you have all your ducks in a row regarding financing. It’s a jungle out there and without boring you to tears with new regulations,  in August 2015 things  are about to get a lot more complicated. Call me for details.

If You’re A Seller…..

Today’s buyer wants it all done for them. Think you’ll just let the new buyer do the painting or replace those old dark cabinets? Think again. Buyers will move onto to the next house ,which is redone and never look back. If they do stick around and negotiate, it will cost you more than doing the work yourself. You can bet on it.

Price Price Price….Even I am tired of hearing myself say this. Today’s buyer has seen a dozens of homes, they believe in Zillow, and the Zestimates and know exactly what your home is worth,even if you disagree. Get a Realtor in to price your home,show you the data and remember that EVERYONE had to press the reset button in 2008.

Want a tour of Darien and the surrounding towns? Give me a call. I do this every weekend for people with no obligation. You’ll discover whether Fairfield County is right for you and what you get for your hard earned dollar.

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