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Why Prayer Will Never Sell Your Home. Darien, CT Real Estate.

So the real estate market in your town is in full swing but your home seems to be langusihing. What’s going wrong? It could be a bunch of things.It could be that the right buyer just hasn’t come along. Perhaps your garden gnome collection is a turn off or that those avocado colored countertops are not everyone’s cup of tea. OR it just could be one of the top three reasons that homes don’t sell.Pricing, pricing and pricing. boy and dog pray

The real estate market in Darien or anywhere else is no different than the stock market. It may be less volatile on the whole, but it IS A MARKET. No one would feel bad for you if you bought General Motors at $100 and now its worth $75.They will only pay you the $75. That’s how a market works. Its supply and demand. Period.

Now there will always be “outlier” properties, Those homes that have something special whether its location,a certain type of architecture or custom finishes that create a property that can’t be duplicated. Those homes will carry a premium and I’ve seen that happen here in Darien and New Canaan over the years.

For the rest of us mere mortals with nice houses, in good condition….get a good agent, pay attention to the comparables in the neighborhood and don’t fight reality. It may sting or even set you back some, but its the quickest way to sell. If you’re serious that is.

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