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Why the Holidays Are A Good Time To Buy A Home…..Darien CT Real Estate

Traditionally, the real estate market slows to crawl in the months of November and December while homeowners deck their halls ,trim the tree and yes shovel their driveways. People hunker down to wait out New England’s increasingly long winter months and put all hopes of selling their homes until the cherry blossoms emerge.

Homeowners temporarily remove their homes from the market and  just wait for spring. No seller WANTS to do this but for whatever reason their home has not sold during the more robust times of the year. As a result they are looking at another year of high oil bills and snow plowing, or too many kids in too little space .

And that’s where a smart buyer comes in. If you’ve been looking for a home in Darien ,and either missed the spring market or got aced out of the one you loved in a bidding war, come on out. There are still many of homes on the market and you should look particularly for the ones who have changed their status to TEMP or even WITHDRAWN.

The house is more than likely still available for sale AND the homeowner will probably be MORE negotiable. Selling within 30 or even 60 days now will keep them from potentially carrying an unwanted home for another 4-6 months and at a cost of doing so of say $5000-$10,000 month.That could mean big savings for you ,the buyer.

Yes the kids will have to start school in a new place mid year, but that’s not a biggie especially if they are still young. Come up for a tour.Usually even if a home has been withdrawn,I can still get you in for a look. Im available at 203-554-0951.


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