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Ice Could Dam Up The Spring Market in Darien…..Darien Real Estate

By now you  know about the inventory issues in Darien real estate. If you’re looking to buy a home below $1.6million, you have few to no choices. Now that the weather  has for the moment, turned warm all the ice and snow that has built up on the roofs of Darien homeowners is finding its way indoors. Ice damming has been a big issue during this cold snap and as the deep freeze abates, water will continue to make an appearance in family rooms and kitchens across town.ist2_6201845-apple-blossoms-in-hordaland-county

In years past, this phenomenon has delayed homeowners from listing properties because,  well-water damage is not an endearing feature to buyers. Since lots of people are having this problem,roofers, painters and dry wall installers will be hard to come by, further delaying listings from hitting the market.

So look for a continued lack of inventory in Darien real estate… until the glacier recedes….and then some….

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