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The Gold Coast Standard Sees Reader Spike Along with Warmer Temperatures…

My Google Analytics is showing me that readership of this blog has really taken off since the temperatures have spiked through the 90’s to nearly 100 degrees in the New York metropolitan area.

Most of you that are finding me are living in or around New York City where I’m sure the sidewalks are literally sizzling. This isn’t a complete surprise since most of Darien’s new homeowners come from the Manhattan and surrounding in desert

If indeed you are curious about the town and what its like here, Ill offer again what I have so many times before. That is…you don’t have to be ready to buy to come up and visit. I routinely show people around this town as well as the towns of New Canaan,Westport,Wilton, Norwalk etc who just want to get a feel for the town cultures and amenities. All in a days work. So beat the heat. Feel free to call and ask questions or make an appointment to look around. No obligation. No kidding. 203-554-0951.

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