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How to Sell Your Home in Two Weeks…..Darien Real Estate

I’ts that time of year again. No, its not Christmas already.(Thank God) It’s Spring and prime time for real estate in Darien CT and the country as a whole. So this is kind of like a Christmas card.It’s my annual plea to sellers to price their homes correctly if they are really serious about selling.I get that no one wants to leave money “on the table” so the instinct is to place your home on the market to see “what happens”. Either that or sellers insist that there home is like no other on the market.

Buyers get the best price within the first two weeks on the market...

We’ve been the Darien real estate doldrums since 2006 and I can tell you categorically that if you over price your home,NOTHING happens. Believe me, there are buyers out there, in local rentals, in cramped apartments in NYC, in houses from which they wish to trade up or down. And they are smart. If not, they have agents who are smart about local market conditions etc.

Most homes get their highest offers within two weeks of being on the market. If you overprice, your home will languish and in the end you’ll wind up with a lower price. It’s a fact. When the market was dropping like a stone,I watched multi million dollar homeowners “chase ” the market down by refusing to accept reality Prices have stabilized now but its very much a buyers market .

Follow the advice of your agent and price according to comparables that have sold in the past 6-9 months. If your home,fails to attract lookers or you have had no offers in two to three weeks….REDUCE.

If you’d like a price opinion on your home,I’d be happy to provide one. There is no magic to it and I’d be happy to sit side by side with you and show you how it’s done. Give me a call at 203-554-0951.


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