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Inspections….Not Just For Buyers Anymore,Darien Real Estate

Most sellers don’t take my advice but I always recommend that homeowners pay the $500 or so for a home inspection BEFORE they ever list it.Obviously, after living in a home for 10 or 15 years there are bound to be small problems that you may have ignored or are unaware of. There may be some wood rot around your sills or even some critters that may have taken up residence along with you. Certainly none of that would come as a big surprise and wouldn’t cost much to rectify.

Sometimes however,having an inspection ahead of time can save you big bucks. I recently heard a story of  homeowners who had their home on the market for over 9 months without so much as a nibble and were ecstatic that they were finally going to make the sale.During the routine inspection, the inspector told the buyers that the furnace was very old and probably wouldn’t last more than a year or so. The prospective buyers demanded a new furnace or they would ‘walk’ away from the deal. The homeowners  didn’t want the hassle of installing a new system but were afraid of losing their one and only buyer.

SO they decided to offer the buyers a credit on the price of the house instead.

As far as I know the old furnace in that house is still chugging along and the money was never spent on a new system. That was a costly mistake for the homeowner and a windfall for the savvy buyer.

Get an inspection ahead of time,know what the problems are are deal with them ahead of time…not while you’re under the gun.


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