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The Gold Coast Standard and 2012,There Is Much to Learn, Grasshoppers…

Well one way or another you have found your way to this blog.As advertised I try to write about news and views of living here in Darien,CT. Yes,I am a Realtor and yes I do want your business. But I could go about prospecting for business by advertising on say Facebook,Trulia,Zillow etc which, from time to time, I do indeed tinker with.

But what I hope to really accomplish here is to fill in a much needed gap between information and insight…Information is everywhere.You know how it goes…3 bedrooms, two baths, dead end street… misleading photos.If you ask me its dead end information.

What is it like to live on that “dead end” street? Does it lead to the town dump? Or a nice little park? And what about those three bedrooms? Does the master bedroom face train tracks. You get the idea. I’ve posted about this before and its all about context baby. When you’ve gotten your Zestimate or whatever they are calling it these days come to to find out what the neighborhood is like,how long your kid will have to ride on the bus and whether the highway is expanding into your backyard.I also provide links to Darien Patch and local newspapers to increase your feel for the place. After all you cant live in a Zestimate.  And that’s what I hope to accomplish in 2012. If I sell you a home in the process, well, win-win. Call me. 203-554-0951 or just keep tuning in here. There is much to learn grasshoppers.

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