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Rentals in Darien Ct, A Mixed Bag

There are lots of reasons people choose to rent in Darien. They can be renovating a home elsewhere,  haven’t found the home of their dreams in town or are test driving the area, so to speak. Then there are those that have bought a new home and found they were unable to sell their previous home and so list it for rent.

Whatever the reason, there are currently around 30 properties for rent in Darien Ct in the price range of around $3000 all the way up sometimes to as much as $25,000/month.for waterfront manses. The sweet spot at the moment, as I see it, is the $5000-$6000/mo range. That is where I believe you can get the most bang for your buck. Typically, the home will be in a nice location,not on a busy road, with around 3000 sq ft and be in good to very good condition. I’ve attached one of my favorites in this price category.It’s located on Lake Drive in a sought after neighborhood, minutes to the Noroton Height train station.Rentals can be a mixed bag;some are in poor condition and just turn over every year.This home is a showplace with new kitchen and baths,beautiful yard and great space. Completely renovated, the picture of this home speak for itself. Price is $5500/month.. For more information on this and other homes to buy or rent in Darien,please contact me at [email protected] or 203-554-0951.




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