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Rowayton Ct, Sister Town to Darien….

I’m always writing about real estate in Darien,CT but thought I’d offer up an amazing alternative to our great little town,namely Rowayton,CT. Long considered a sister town to Darien,Rowayton is actually part of the town of Norwalk. Located on Long Island Sound,Rowayton has traditionally been a real estate choice among young and old alike who may be moving to or from Darien. Less than two miles from the center of Darien, it feels more like Cape Cod, or Cape May,New Jersey.You can commute to NYC from the Rowayton Metro North station or drive a couple of miles to downtown Darien and grab the train there.

Rowayton,CT , Seaside Village on the CT Gold Coast

Rowayton is a shore town,and homes are located close together in a charming mix of old, seaside houses and grander, waterfront manses. Pricing is similar to that of Darien and of course, water views carry a premium. Also in the spirit of full disclosure, taxes in Norwalk are higher than here in Darien but for many the feel of the place more than offsets the cost. William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty has produced a nice video on Rowayton real estate and I offer it here for you to consider.As always to see what’s on the market in Rowayton contact me here via the blog or at my email , [email protected].

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