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Pre-Sale Inspections A Smart Move for Sellers….Darien Real Estate

In the State of Connecticut,homes sales follow a specific procedure.First a bid is made and hopefully accepted. Then, quick as a bunny, the Realtor assists the buyer in scheduling a home inspection. Then, WE PRAY.

The results of home inspections here in Darien and elsewhere are responsible for many of the glitches in a home sale. Invariably,inspections will turn up a myriad of problems with dated wiring, furnaces,roofs,plumbing etc. Mostly the problems are minor but they can throw the transaction into slow motion as the homeowner either gets chewed down in price or remediates the problems.

Just as you would spruce up the interior of your home before listing it,I highly recommend spending $500 or so on a pre sale inspection.You will learn if your roof is at the end of its life,if there is evidence of pests or termites among  other things.THEN you can decide to fix the problems or build them into your pricing without being under the gun to get to the contract stage of things.

There is nothing worse than pricing a home for the current market and then being “nickled and dimed ” after a less than stellar inspection.

One caveat here is that prospective buyers will probably want to do their own inspection anyway to insure reliability but its a great selling point to have a documented inspection while marketing and may save you, the seller big bucks down the road.

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