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Darien Ct, School Budget 2011….It’s that time of year again

I have written in the past about the excellence of the Darien, Ct school system. The town of Darien boasts one of the highest average SAT scores and percentages of grads going to 4 year colleges. in the state.Those numbers are the result of  an annual rite known as “school budget season”. For as long as I’ve lived here the issues have been the same.

Half day kindergarten or whole day. (right now its whole day).  Then there is enrollment projections and facilities.(we’ve got all new schools now,although we are outgrowing them-again),teachers aides (can we afford them?), teacher salaries and benefits (always  going up,never down) and special education funding.

This year is no exception and I want to recommend reading Darien Patch and their coverage of events in order to get a real flavor of what’s in the offing this year.SCHOOLHOUSE ICONS

I could write about it endlessly but Patch and its reader blog do a much better job.

In the end, first ,a budget is proposed,then people gnash their teeth,parents cry foul and  finally the budget gets approved with a modest increase over last year.In between,great drama and wringing of hands. Dont take my word for it. Follow the goings on and decide for yourself.

Ultimately, the kids and  the town of Darien win out, but its always a tussle.

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