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Are You a Passion Pusher?

This post is completely disconnected from the topic of  Darien real estate. Being the author of this blog has given me a certain confidence in my writing.As a result, and on a lark,I submitted a freelance article to The New York Times regarding how todays parents tend to overprogram our children. and overuse the word “passion” to describe their activities.

I am proud to say that this past Sunday,November 14,the article was published in the Metropolitan section of the paper.I’m aware that many people have attempted to get a byline in the paper and somehow, I managed it on the first try. I think its a little like winning the lottery after buying only one ticket. Nevertheless, I accept it  humbly as a little pixie dust that someone sprinkled on me. Hope you enjoy the article.

  1. Karen Brewer

    oh my gosh,marc…thanks so much.ive gotten such great feedback.Perfect strangers have emailed me and thanked me. If you havent already see Race to Nowhere a new documentary that gets at the heart of the problem.

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