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For one reason or another the rental market in Fairfield County is on fire. No sooner do homes for rent come on the market as they seem to disappear.Its not uncommon for a rental to be listed and leased in one day. During the dog days of August, I think people are looking last minute to get their children in school or have given up for the year on finding their dream home.

Looking for a Rental?

Looking for a Rental?

Whatever the case, it takes a good Realtor to figure out where dormant rentals may be. A current client has just recently sold their home and (yes I sold it for them) and needed a rental as soon as possible.We saw just about everything on the market in their price range and came up empty.With the clock ticking I decided to use my access to the Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service to look up homes and condos that had been on the market over 120 days to see if those homeowners would be willing to rent.

As a Realtor I have homeowner and listing broker information for all listings in Darienand surrounding towns,something the average renter or home buyer does not.(in spite of the Internet age).I called about a dozen of them to see if they were willing to rent for a year and voila, I got a couple of new properties to show that previously had only been on the market for sale.

I found the rental for my client literally by looking in places they dont exist.Similarly Realtors have knowledge of listings that are yet to come on the market and may be just what you are looking for. The moral of the story”Sometimes you have to dig to find what you’re looking for.”

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