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Real Estate Taxes in Darien,CT Among the Lowest….

One of the most important things to consider when buying a home here in Darien or elsewhere is the  amount of real estate property taxes you will pay.

Real estate propertry taxes are expressed in something called a mill rate.The mil rate is equivalent to dollars of tax per thousand dollars of assessed value of a home and land. (Assessed value is a lesson for another day).As you’ll see below the rate can vary within a town depending on whether your home is on a septic system or using town sewers.

The point here is that compared to our neighboring towns,Darien has THE lowest mill rate,making Darien a fantastic real estate value.Couple low taxes with excellent schools and a great commute (just under one hour to NYC) and you have the trifecta of real estate!

The rate in Darien is $11.74 versus $13.5 in New Canaan, $14.85 in $westport, $20.16 in Wilton and $19.37 in Fairfeld.






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