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Darien Real Estate, Whole Foods Controversy,Signs of the Times

I like to read  the Darien papers each week and am regularly amused by an article or silly item in the Police Blotter  One week,  garden gnomes were stolen from a lawn and then there are the burglaries of purses stolen from the front seat of unlocked cars. (Really?)

This weeks item concerns the new Whole Foods market which is coming to Darien this May. It sits on the corner of Ledge Road and the Boston Post Road and has been the source of much controversy.It was suggested that a store of this size (really big) would ruin the small town feel of Darien.(Pftttt.You cant stay in 1950 forever)

After a couple of years of political and legal wrangling, the store was finally approved and plans to open in 90 days or so.

This weeks item in the paper concerns the size of  Whole Foods’ illuminated sign in the front of the store. Dariens’ zoning regulations do not allow for illuminated lettering larger than 10 inches tall on any building. These regulations were written in the 1970’s…..forty years ago!

Needless to say,the Whole Foods lettering will have to be substantially larger than that.  A letter to the Editor of the Darien Times suggests we enforce the regulation because we have “accommodated” the new Whole Foods  store enough.

Hmmmmm clever ….you can build it but we forgot to mention, you can’t light it.  SIGNS of the times!Puuuuuulease!

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