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Circus Yoga Anyone? Darien Childrens’ Activities

I can’t say enough about the amount and quality of kids activities in town.If you buy a home in Darien your children will never be bored.

In addition to a full program for kids at the fabulous Darien Library,organizations such as the YMCA, YWCA and Darien Parks and Recreation  and Darien Arts Center offer a full plate of activities for kids.

This years Spring catalog from Darien Parks and Rec just cayoga kidme out and there is something for every kid in town.Little League,Soccer,Lacrosse Hockey,Sailing Golf,Softball,Tennis,Swimming,Music lessons,Karate and even Fly Fishing for kids.

Some of the more unusual activities include….. a course called Jump Around.Then there’s Rocketeering,Green Engineering,Little Scientists and yes, folks CIRCUS YOGA.

Circus Yoga it seems, combines the flexing, and stretching poses of yoga  combined with circus skills like pretend tight rope walking,peacock feather balancing,and juggling scarves.

But Circus Yoga shouldnt be just for kids! Maybe we can do sometihng like,  Darien Realtor Arabian Stallion riding, or Trying to Stuff as many Realtors as possible into a Volkswagen. How about No Practice Trapeze for Loan Officers?

Seriously however, when you buy a home in Darien,  you get an unparalled choice of kids activities..(peacock feathers not included).

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