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Here is the latest article from the Fairfield County Business Journal about yours truly…..

Q&A from the Corner Office

Karen Brewer, Realtor at William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty in Darien and founder of interactive website, The Gold Coast shared from personal experience how the Information Age has evolved the ways a broker advertises.

Q: How are agents using social media to market themselves and their listings?

Brewer: “I continue to be amazed at the number of agents not using social media or who are using it incorrectly.  My own foray into the blogosphere really came about when I decided to discover just what a blog was. I was curious to see what other agents in the area were doing. The answer: very little. There may have been 10 people in the whole state of Connecticut that were attempting to connect with buyers and sellers this way.?“I quickly discovered why. The process is self-selective because the commitment is huge. First you must educate yourself on just what social media is. For example, ‘How does one design a blog?’ ‘What are the capabilities of the technology?’ ‘How often do I blog?’ ‘Am I a good writer?’ ‘How can I measure results and success?’?“Further, some agents are using social media incorrectly. Facebook and Twitter are not just another venue to publish listings. They are unique opportunities to connect with and stay connected to people. I recently heard from someone I went to college with over 30 years ago who is going to be selling their home in Fairfield. I would have never heard from this person if not for an alumni group on Facebook.
“We as realtors have been told over and over that over 80 percent of all home searches begin on the Internet. I think the age of the pretty postcard website is over and Realtors must engage in social media in order to remain relevant. However, there are statistics that suggest that over 75 percent of Realtors who start blogs give up after a year. Of course, the jury is out on whether social networking will yield results. Nevertheless, when the market bounces back and the young, technologically savvy buyers come off the sidelines, I hope to be uniquely positioned to take advantage of it.”

Q: How has the buyer changed?

Brewer: “Buyers, particularly young buyers, have become extremely sophisticated  in markets like Westchester and Fairfield counties. They come armed with town statistics, pricing analyses and listings.?“Buyers are no longer looking for trophy homes. The builders who have survived the downturn will be moderating what they build.  While quality will always be a hallmark, square footage will decrease. There will be an ongoing preference for open floor plans and state-of-the-art kitchens, but on a more manageable scale.”

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