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Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo….Which Darien Realtor Can Help Me Score?Darien Homes

I had a discussion with a fellow  Darien Realtor yesterday which has prompted this post. She was telling me how she was showing homes to a client who let it be known that he was, in fact, using several Realtors at once.

Now there are those who do this because they’ve never bought a home or don’t understand the protocol.  Then there are those that feel that they will see different listings with different brokers or somehow get a “leg up” in the process.iStock_000005721882Large

Let me explain why this will inevitably backfire.First,almost all listings these days are “multiple listed”.That is to say,they are available  to agents via computer databases that we all share. Gone are the days where agents held onto “pocket listings” or didn’t make all information available to the general public.(If you have a home listed with an agent who is still doing this….run…do not walk…in the other direction.) The point is that the Internet has made this practice obsolete and you therefore, will gain nothing on this front.

Second,a really good agent will want to get to know you, what you like or don’t like in a home,neighborhood or town.They will want to know about your commute, your children and other information that will help them to find your next home. If you are hopscotching between agents, they are ALL JUST SHOWING HOUSES and you will inevitably “drag out” your search process and wind up being confused.

Third, and listen up here….if it becomes known that you are utilizing the services of multiple agents,even for a day, an agent may be disinclined to invest the time it takes to educate you and find you the best deal.

This is where trust comes in. All good business arrangements, big or small, with a  written contract or without, are  based on trust . The first one to breach that trust loses!

When looking for a home,find an agent you like and stick with them. It will pay off  in the long run.Trust me.

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