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There’s a New Cup in Town-Espresso Neat…Downtown Darien Real Estate


I rarely use this blog to talk about businesses that are unrelated to real estate, but I’m about to make an exception.

Just in case you believe you know what coffee tastes like -think again. Better yet, don’t  think -run to Espresso Neat,the new coffeeshop on Grove Street in downtown,Darien CT.

The place is hip and friendly and redefines the coffee experience ( you know the one we’ve had the love-hate relationship with since they invaded neighborhoods across the country).

Imagine if you will, ,comfortable,QUIET coffeehouse run by real coffee afficiandos and not your neighbors’ 16-year old high school sophomore.Imagine a place where children aren’t running wild,coffee machines dont hiss so loudly that you have to pause your conversation, and where the baked goods  and sandwiches are REAL, fresh and “to die for.”

Venti schmenti…..At Espresso Neat, the menu is short and to the point.Coffee,espresso,cappuccino etc. one size  only and so smooth and flavorful,you’ll swear you’re tasting one for the first time.

Imagine the place is called Espresso Neat and located in downtown Darien .Or visit them first at

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